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Why customers use Utkaduck Design

Plenty of people can tell you they can design a website for you or your business. They may have an HTML editor and be able to build a personal website - but do they know how to effectively design a website specifically to your business needs?  Are they up-to-date with the latest research, trends, software and techniques? 

With Utkaduck Design you can be assured your site will be designed by a professional team - experienced and knowledgeable in web design, Active Server Page technology, dynamic database and e-commerce development.

We feel that the most important part of consultative services is direct, timely and responsive customer service. Rather than dealing with a faceless web design "entity", a designer will personally work with you and help you decide how your site should look and "feel". Read what our customers say about our services.

Utkaduck Design has been creating Intranet and Internet websites since 1995 (the dawn of the Web). Our staff is well educated in many forms of design and website architecture. Our strategic partners add value by providing services that enhance our core competency.

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