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Pricing of Web design services

Although each Web site we develop is unique and carries its own individual detailed proposal and quote, the table below will provide you with a guide as to the standard fees we charge for various design projects and elements. Some of our larger projects have been upwards of $20,000. The amounts shown below are estimates for static, non-database and non-ecommerce enhanced sites.

Features Bronze Silver Gold
Design & development $350 $1,500 $2,500
Total pages in site 1 2-5 6-10
Cost per non-database enhanced form (in addition to the page) N/A $275 $250
Hours of consultation  1 3 6
Number of words per page - average (client to supply via email or disk)

200, or approximately
2 screen scrolls
(approx 8 x 10 inch print)

Home page banner - graphic using your company logo

Included with client provided graphic

Total number of client provided graphics 2 5 10
Links to your e-mail 


Number of submissions to search engines Included - for all free major engines
Web site hosting

  InfoQuest @ $19.95 / month

Graphic design, consulting, etc.



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