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About Utkaduck Design

Utkaduck Design is an Internet Solutions and Web Design firm that specializes in helping small and mid sized businesses establish an effective presence on the Internet.

Our combination of lengthy careers in law enforcement, Fortune 500 corporate security management and corporate Web design have made us experts in the creation and implementation of public safety related Web sites.

Owner and CEO Alex Dourov, a Microsoft Certified Professional since 1999, began Web designing for a Fortune 500 company “way back” in early 1995. In 1998 he offered his expertise to other Fortune 500 customers. In mid 1999 he expanded the services of Utkaduck Design to the general public and established the company full-time as the premier designer of affordable and creative Web sites. The Utkaduck Design team includes experts in HTML, ASP, graphic design as well as dynamic database and e-commerce development.

Since 1999 Utkaduck Design has grown by leaps and bounds: from only designing Web sites, to providing Web hosting, e-commerce and tailored search engine marketing solutions. Our clients range from a national security company and Fortune 500 companies to locally based businesses and non-profit organizations that battle high technology theft. During the past ten years, Utkaduck Design has developed strategic partnerships and alliances with several other businesses that also see the importance of promoting and helping businesses get on-line.

Utkaduck Design has achieved 100% customer satisfaction for the past eight years and has been awarded a national business industry award for each of those 8 years.

Alex Dourov is 17 year member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association. Additionally, he is a certified trainer for the PPM 2000 line of software for the corporate security industry – Perspective, IRIMS, DispatchLog, ActTrack, et al, and has provided training services at numerous companies across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Utkaduck Design is a licensed business (license # 990678) in the City of Livermore, CA.

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